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How LT Physicians Help With Primary Care Shortage

The healthcare industry is facing a significant primary care physician (PCP) shortage that's impacting treatment access, quality, and consistency across the U.S. According to a recent Washington Post article, the number of primary care positions offered to medical students by the National Resident Matching Program soared to record heights in 2019. Unfortunately, the overall percentage of primary care positions filled by fourth-year medical students dipped to the lowest number on record.

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Four Ways to Know Your Locum Tenens Job Search is in Great Hands

The robust Locum Tenens job market offers physicians across multiple healthcare specialties an opportunity to travel and expand on their current professional skill set while treating patients on a national scale. As this employment model continues to gain momentum within the medical staffing industries, many practitioners recognize that partnering with a reputable Locum Tenens staffing firm offers the best, most direct route to landing the right opportunity. That's the good news.

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