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Making LT Physicians Part of Your Practice's Culture

Healthcare providers across every specialty utilize Locum Tenens physicians for a myriad of reasons. Locum Tenens practitioners can eliminate performance gaps, provide added coverage for doctor absences and shortages, and reduce the impending threat of clinician burnout. Despite the many benefits offered with Locum Tenens staffing, many healthcare professionals are still reluctant to integrate this hiring practice within their facility, especially if they've never pursued this type of staffing model before.

Fortunately, successfully hiring qualified, skilled, and experienced Locum Tenens doctors can be a straightforward and positive experience. Knowing just a few tips and suggestions can streamline the hiring process and effectively make LT physicians part of your practice's internal culture.

Determine Existing Liability Coverage

Liability and malpractice coverage for Locum Tenens doctors can vary, both by state as well as the underwriting guidelines required by individual insurance carriers. Before launching your Locum Tenens' initiative, you'll want to contact your insurance provider to discuss your existing policy and determine if this hiring practice will be covered for your organization.

Source (and Screen) Reputable Locum Tenens Staffing Firms

As you begin your search, it's important to know that not all Locum Tenens organizations are created alike. When beginning your search for a qualified LT staffing partner, it's essential to look for a company with a well-established operational history and positive brand reputation to create a list of potential recruiters that seem to be a good match for your needs. 

When screening each prospect, ask about their physician vetting process, the average time to fill a position, how quickly they can make a replacement if needed, and if there are any specialties they don't hire. Additionally, you'll also want to request details about their internal malpractice coverage policy as well as a sample contract for your review, so you'll have a general understanding of what's expected of you during the engagement.

Set Clear Expectations With Every LT Candidate

Managing expectations up front can play a critical role in the success of your contract assignment. Every provider's schedule, work environment, and staff obligations are different, making it crucial to communicate as much information as possible to prospective candidates. During the interview, let the candidate know about shift lengths, on-call requirements, and any other responsibilities and expectations to ensure a positive project launch.

Consider Patient and Staff Fit

Yes, your hired Locum Tenens doctor will have extensive interaction with your patients. However, your LT physician will also spend countless hours working with your existing internal staff as well. When considering various candidates, it's vital to find the right match for patients and employees for a seamless environmental fit with both client-facing and internal responsibilities.

Promote Buy-in With Internal Employees 

Your internal employees can prove vital in determining the success of any Locum Tenens contract. Promote buy-in across your organization to help make the hiring transition as seamless as possible. With LT staffing, transparency is always the best policy. Communicate with your internal teams about the advantages of bringing in additional resources, so they recognize that a Locum Tenens clinician is actually a benefit for them. You'll also want to discuss any support you'll need across the practice to ensure everyone in the organization understands what's expected for individual contributors and groups throughout the contract.


LT Partners places Locum Tenens physicians with a variety of medical specialties at healthcare facilities across the country. Contact us today to learn more about how our recruiters can reduce gaps and burnout at your practice.

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