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Tips to Speed up the Locum Tenens Hiring Process

Hiring Locum Tenens physicians can reduce performance gaps at your medical practice, lower stress on an overburdened staff, and drive positive patient outcomes. However, like any hiring model, timing is everything when filling Locum Tenens positions. A lengthy hiring process can mean missing out on the right candidate for your healthcare organization. Launch your search armed with these crucial tips to expedite the Locum Tenens hiring process and help optimize the ultimate success of your selected candidates.

Work with a Professional Locum Tenens Staffing Firm

The first step in streamlining and accelerating your Locum Tenens hiring process? Partner with a qualified, professional staffing firm that specializes in the Locum Tenens business model. Contract engagements have different requirements and compliance standards than traditional direct hire opportunities. A Locum Tenens recruiting team will have the industry experience and professional insight needed to ensure your practice is following mandatory protocol throughout every candidate phase. Not only will your dedicated recruiter speed up the process but they will also protect your facility's corporate interests.

Additionally, working with an experienced team of Locum Tenens staffing professionals can eliminate a lot of the preliminary sourcing and screening phases when hiring. Finding and vetting clinicians that are qualified for your open position can quickly prove a full-time job and require countless hours that you and your staff simply don't have. A seasoned Locum Tenens recruiter will have access to an extensive network of pre-screened candidates to instantly fast track the very best applicants for the position.

Create a Thorough and Informative Job Description

While Locum Tenens positions are often the result of an overall shortage of medical resources, they can also be in response to back-filling a current physician's position while he or she is out on leave. If you're pursuing Locum Tenens doctors for coverage during a staff member's absence, it's crucial to avoid writing a job description that specifically defines the current clinician holding the position. Instead, develop a detailed and informative outline that focuses primarily on the necessary licensing, certifications, and credentials required for success. You'll also want to include any soft skills needed to ensure a cultural fit. Your chosen Locum Tenens staffing recruiter can help put together a compelling job description if you find yourself struggling to craft one on your own.

Eliminate Potential Bottlenecks

Let's face it – every healthcare environment has certain practices, procedures, and stakeholders that inevitably hold up things up (or drop the ball on them entirely). Don't risk missing out on the ideal Locum Tenens physician due to red tape, bureaucracy, or a simple attention lapse. Before starting the search process, carefully assess your existing candidate protocol to identify anyone or anything that may cause an unnecessary roadblock. Work with your team to address any concerns as well as discuss any phases that may need modification to ensure top-tier candidates progress through each hiring milestone as quickly as possible.

Set a Deadline

Yes, your hired Locum Tenens doctor will have extensive interaction with your patients. However, your LT physician will also spend countless hours working with your existing internal staff as well. When considering various candidates, it's vital to find the right match for patients and employees for a seamless environmental fit with both client-facing and internal responsibilities.

LT Partners offers customized Locum Tenens staffing solutions to medical facilities of every size and scope. Contact our team of recruiting specialists today to learn more.

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